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British Shorthair - Supreme Grand Champion Rejinald Lilac Prince

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Rejinald Lilac Prince, lilac British Shorthair


We successfully participate in TICA shows with our boy RW SGC Rejinald Lilac Prince (aka Teddy).

Teddy became a Supreme Grand Champion (the highest title) at his tender age of only 14 months. During 2007-2008 show season Teddy was shown both in kitten class and in adult champion class.

Upon TICA 2006-2007 show season results, Lilac Prince is International winner
5th Best British Shorthair kitten in TICA 2006-2007
2nd Best Lilac British Shorthair of the Year 2006-2007

3rd Best British Shorthair of the Year 2006-2007

Regional winner
Best British Shorthair Kitten of the Year in SW Region*
7th Best Kitten of the Year in SW region

* SW region includes AZ, CO, HI, NM and Southern CA


As an adult shown in TICA 2007-2008, Lilac Prince is International winner:
Best Lilac British Shortahair of the Year 2007-2008
5th Best British Shorthair Cat of the Year 2007-2008
Regional winner:
10th Best Cat in SW Region
5th Best Shorthair cat in SW Region

RW SGC Rejinald Lilac Prince is an excellent example of the breed, both in looks and temperament. He is a very sweet and loving cat, gentle and easy going. He loves attention and won judges' smiles many times with his positive attitude.

Teddy has sired several litters and proved to be an excellent stud cat, producing high quality offspring that inherits not only the looks, but the friendliness of their father.

Photos by Helmi

Top results at shows since 2001


We have been breeding our European lines British Shorthairs in USA since 2001. We sometimes sell kittens for shows and breeding to individual owners and small home-based catteries. Those cats and kittens that participated in shows have been awarded:
BEST BRITISH SHORTHAIR cat of Mid-Pacific region 2001-2002
BEST BRITISH SHORTHAIR of Mid-Pacific region 2002-2003
5th BEST BRITISH SHORTHAIR kitten 2006-2007
7th BEST ALLBREED kitten of SW region 2006-2007


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