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Rejinald Cattery - British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats - Referrals

Testimonials, Referrals



The photos of kittens and cats below are shared with us by their new owners.
We have many happy owners all over the continental USA. Our cats and kittens live in

If you want to ask the owners anything about their cat or their experience regarding buying their kitten from us, you can contact them directly (find their name highlighted).


"This is my second cat that I've gotten from Natalia and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  We are completely in love with our new kitty.  It took him a few days to adjust to a new home and now he acts as though he's always lived with us.  "Teddy Bear" is quite vocal, recognizes his name, comes when called, and follows us all around the house!  The kitty loves raw meat such as beef, lamb, chicken and pheasant.  We couldn't be more delighted with Rejinald Cattery and will be glad to speak to anyone who is considering getting a kitten or cat from Natalia.
Best, Suzy"

Teddy Bear is a blue British Shorthair male

 "We love him, he is the greatest and as you can see, he won over our older girl cat. Gail" - the owner of black folded male kitten

"He is stunningly beautiful. Big paws. Big eyes. Huge bushy/fuzzy tail. Huge head. His coat is plush. He is a talker. he has such a quite voice. He is the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen. You are a phenomenal breeder and person! warmly, James" - the owner of lilac folded ear male

"Hi Natalia, Lilly and I just wanted to say hello from Santa Monica!  She is the most amazing little girl and she grows dearer and dearer to me daily.  Great temperament, cute personality, loves to lick and kiss and sit like a little buddah on her back. She even licks Teddy a little -  a first for him.  We'll be celebrating her first birthday on May 31, 2012.  My little 1 year old!!  Of course, she is still on all your food suggestions - raw, no grain, etc.  Keep up the incredible work you do! Thanks and hope all is well with you and yours, Christie and Lilly"

Brown tabby Scottish Fold littermates live in Washigton DC. Contact Peter

Lilac British Shorthair littermates Amaretto and Lila live in Grass Valley, CA

Contact Donna McMillen via her website

Silver tabby Scotish Fold lives in Salt Lake City, UT

Blue British Shorthair male Albert lives in Las Vegas, NV

 Lilac British Shorthair littermates Noodles and Doodles live in Phoenix, AZ

Blue tabby British Shorthair female lives in Iowa. Contact Melodie

Chocolate British Shorthair male lives in San Francisco, CA

Blue torbie Scottish Fold female Kelty lives in MA. Contact Zee 

Lilac-cream British Shorthair female Arisha lives in Colorado Springs, CO

Blue folded male kitty Smoky lives in TX

Cream tabby folded male Ceasar lives in Iowa. Contact Camille


Blue folded male Fuku lives in San Diego, CA

Blue tabby fold lives in Los Angeles, CA with Chrissie

"The kitty is doing very well! He is so loving and sweet and has been eating and using the litter box regularly.  Thank you so much!! He didn't even make a fuss in the car home from the airport, he just slept! Chrissie" - the owner of blue tabby folded ear male

Blue-cream folded female lives in TX

 "Thanks for posting Gertis' photo on your FACEBOOK. She makes me a proud papa. She could be a CAT MODEL!!! ;)))
 Thanks again for your availability and help. DW" - the owner of blue folded ear female

Blue folded ear female lives in Palm Beach, FL

"With my new baby, my precious Lilly, things have been pretty busy.  She is doing wonderful!!! 
Such a sweet and spunky little girl.  She has so much energy and just runs everywhere as kittens do.
 She has toys EVERYWHERE which keeps her happy and we play a lot. Thank you.
She is on raw food and dry in afternoon. Great little appetite. She is just part of our family and seems to be extremely happy as are we.
Christie" - the owner of lilac tabby female kitten

Chocolate Scottish Fold male Ewok lives in CA with Iliana.

Actress/model Shanna Moakler ("Dancing With the Stars") bought one of our blue British Shorthair male kitties.



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