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British Shorthair and Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

This page has been updated on October 7, 2015


Kittens for sale in 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold #1 - blue tabby female,  pick up in October - available for reservation

Scottish Fold #2 - blue classic tabby female,  pick up in October - available for reservation

British Shorthair
We will have British Shorthair kittens for sale in October 2015
Make sure you are on our waiting list to hear about availability.*

British Shorthair #1 - Blue female  SPOKEN FOR
Sweet girl, has a small white spot on her throat. 


British Shorthair #2 - Lilac male available for reservationpick up on October 


British Shorthair #3 - Silver tabby male. 
The kitten is currently recovering from eye damage (cats have sharp claws, unfortunately) and healing nicely. Another eye works fine, so the kitten is not blind. He plays a lot, eats, litter box trained, and feels great. Rare color, beautiful kitten, will be a large size boy. Pick up in person from Colorado Springs only.

British Longhair

British Longhair #1 - Silver classic tabby female, super sweet and lovely girl, available.  Photo at 3 months of age (artificial light on first photo maker her look brown, her actual color is white and black as on the photo below)

*If these kittens are not what you are looking for, we will be glad to put you on a waiting list. Send us a message using CONTACT US on the left. Include your name, phone # and location for the list. Also specify if you have preferences in regards of your future kitten's breed, color, and quality.

Policies and Terms of Sale


For Policies and Terms of Sale see the page "Terms of Sale"

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