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British Shorthair and Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

This page has been updated on June 27, 2015


Kittens for sale in 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO

Scottish Fold

Blue cream folded ear female, 4 months old - available

We may have new kittens available in September - October 2015.
Make sure you are on a waiting list to get notified about availability*

British Shorthair

Lilac tortie female, show quality SOLD*

British Longhair  

Meet Maxi - the cutest British Longhair kitten you have ever seen. She is a rare gem, because we very rarely have longhairs babies, maybe one in 5 years. Both parents are British Shorthairs, and somewhere in their pedigrees they had a longhair ancestor (it can be as far as 15th generation back). So, It is like winning a lottery when these recessive longhair genes meet and create this precious outcome. She is a brown tabby female, registration TICA. SOLD*

Send us an email (Contact Us link on the left) with any questions about the available kittens.

More photos and current updates also available on FACEBOOK

*If you are interested to be on a waiting list for a particular kitten (either British Shorthair, or Scottish Fold), email us about what you are looking for and we'll put you on a waiting list.

Click "Contact Us" button on the left, and send us a message. 
Make sure you type your email correctly, otherwise we will not be able to return your email. 
Please provide your name, location, and phone # for the list. There is no obligation to be on the list, no deposit is required. 

ur small cattery is in good standing at TICA since year 2000.

"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."

All cats and kittens live in the house with a small dog. There are no cages. All our pets are part of the family.

Note for the potential buyers: We are real people raising and placing real kittens for over 26 years. We do not scam anyone.

Note for scammers: I report the scams to authorities. Scammers give honest breeders bad name and scare potential buyers away.

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Policies and Terms of Sale


For Policies and Terms of Sale see the page "Terms of Sale"

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