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British Shorthair and Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

This page has been updated on October 22, 2016


We do not scam anyone. The cattery has been in existence for 28 years. We are real people breeding beautiful cats, attending cat shows, and occasionally placing pets in new loving homes. If you are concerned about scam on the Internet, we created a post on our Facebook page to help you identify fraud. Please, "like" our page and read the post HERE

Kittens for sale in 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO

  Scottish Fold 

#1 - Blue Scottish Fold female with folded ears. 
4 months old. Sweet, smart, gorgeous girl, friendly and laid back.


#2 - Blue Scottish Fold female with folded ears 
Available for reservations. Pick up late October 2016. 
Very smart little baby, active, playful, friendly.

# 3 - Golden ticked Scottish Fold male, 4 months old.
Fully vaccinated and microchipped. Born in Russia. 
Lives now in our house in Colorado Springs. 
One of the rarest colors in this breed. Green eyes.
This boy has the sweetest personality, easy going, and is a very smart kitten.

  British Shorthair 

#1 - Blue classic tabby British Shorthair female
Active, playful, curious, outgoing baby girl.


#2 - Chocolate British Shorthair female
Her baby coat will change to uniform chocolate color (like her paws and tail on the photo), 
and her eyes will be bright orange. Such contrasting combination makes the cat look simply stunning. 
She promises to be a larger size cat with good boning and chubby body. 
Chocolate is very rare color in this breed. 
We have an adult female in chocolate, if interested, check our Facebook photos to see what she looks like. 

#3 - Chocolate silver classic tabby British Shorthair female.
Very rare color for this breed. Beautiful snow white background with chocolate swirls on the sides.
Possible show quality. Available for reservation.

#4 - Cream British Shorthair male 
3 months old. He has great personality.

#5 - Blue British Shorthair female 
3 months old. Sweet and friendly kitten, has nice personality.

If these are not the kittens you are interested in, make sure you are on a waiting list to hear about future availability.
Use CONTACT US form on the left to send us a message. 
Provide your name, email address and location for the list. Make sure you type your email correctly so we can respond. 
Also specify if you have preferences in regards of your future kitten's breed, color, and quality.
No deposit is required to be on the list. People on waiting list have priority in making reservations of the available kittens.

To get familiar with terms of sale, click HERE
We require personal pick up is from Colorado Springs (or Denver, $75 delivery fee), no shipping for young kittens. 
We practice natural and holistic care for our pets, cats and kittens are primarily on species appropriate raw meat diet.

A word on Scottish Kilts (a mix of Scottish Fold and Munchkin) - WE DO NOT BREED Scottish Kilts.
Combination of two mutant genes creates severe health problems. Scottish Kilt is not a registered breed, and never will be recognized by any reputable cat registry.
Read more on one of our popular Fecebook post about Scottish Kilts, see comments and shares of responsible breeders who understand the dangers of such mixes.

WE DO NOT sell our folded cats or kittens to breeders who will cross them with Munchkins.
We screen and get references on people who are buying a cat from us for breeding.
If you are a breeder looking for a folded ear cat to create a Frankenstein cat, well, save you time and do not contact me.

Policies and Terms of Sale


For Policies and Terms of Sale see the page "Terms of Sale"

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