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British Shorthair and Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

This page has been updated on January 24, 2016


We do not scam anyone. The cattery has been in existence for 27 years. We are real people breeding beautiful cats and occasionally placing pets in new loving homes. If you are concerned about scam on the Internet, we created a post on our Facebook page to help you identify fraud. Please, "like" our page and read the post HERE

Kittens for sale in 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO

  British Shorthair  

Kitten #1 - Silver tabby male - available, $1000 
6 months old. Price reduced, he had an eye injury and recovered fine, one eye has 95% vision and minor cosmetic imperfection.

Rare color, beautiful kitten, loving, sweet, gets along with other pets fine, already a very large size boy.  

#British_Shorthair #for_sale

Kitten #2 - Blue tabby female - available 
6 months old, a runt of the litter, small size cat, preferably placed locally

Kitten #3 - blue classic tabby female - available
3 months old

*If these are not the kittens you are interested in, we will be glad to add you to the waiting list. Provide your name, email address and location for the list. Use CONTACT US form on the left to send us a message. People on waiting list have priority in making reservations on available kittens.

  British Longhair  

Kitten #1 - Silver classic tabby female - available
6 months old, $1200, sweet and gorgeous kitten

#British_Longhair #for_sale

Kitten #2 - Silver classic tabby British Longhair male - available
3 months old, $1500. 

  Scottish Fold  

No kittens available at this time, but we may have kittens in spring or summer 2016.
If you want to be on a waiting list, read below*

#Scottish_Fold #kittens #for_sale

However, Boo is one of our kittens living in San Francisco, CA. She is a blue tabby Folded ear Scottish Fold, about 6 months old. The owner developed an allergy and unable to keep her, so we are looking for a new home for her. Preferably local, to avoid stress of travelling. Contact Guy directly at for details.

*If these kittens are not what you are looking for, we will be glad to put you on a waiting list. Send us a message using CONTACT US on the left. Include your name, phone # and location for the list. Also specify if you have preferences in regards of your future kitten's breed, color, and quality.

A word on Scottish Kilts (a mix of Scottish Fold and Munchkin) - WE DO NOT BREED Scottish Kilts.
Combination of two mutant genes creates severe health problems. Scottish Kilt is not a registered breed, and never will be recognized by any reputable cat registry.
Read more on one of our popular Fecebook post about Scottish Kilts, see comments and shares of responsible breeders who understand the dangers of such mixes.

WE DO NOT sell our folded cats or kittens to breeders who will cross them with Munchkins.
We screen and get references on people who are buying a cat from us for breeding.
If you are a breeder looking for a folded ear cat to create a Frankenstein cat, well, save you time and do not contact me.

Policies and Terms of Sale


For Policies and Terms of Sale see the page "Terms of Sale"

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