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Adult Cats for Adoption

This page has been updated on April 24, 2018


Please, note if you want to adopt one of our adult cats:
1/ I  adopt them out to a home without another adult cat. From my experience, and due to the fact that cats' are very territorial, conflicts may arise. If you already have a cat, consider getting a young kitten (under 6 months of age). A new kitten will not try to claim other cat's territory, and vice versa.
2 / I do not to ship my cats, it is a stressful and sometimes dangerous practice. You have to consider personal pick up, or I can deliver within USA (at buyer's expense).
3/ My cats love company and will do fine with friendly dogs.
4/ A cat should not be left alone in the house for longer than 6 hours. Our cats are companion animals, they need company. Consider adopting two cats from us so they keep each other company while you are not home.  
5/ Cats are placed with a contract and are not allowed to be bred, or declawed.  

We reserve the right to refuse to place a cat to anyone without explanation. We have our cats' best interests in mind, not potential owners'. If you are serious about adopting, we exchange emails and do Skype sessions where you meet a cat and answer my questions. We prefer the new owners to be experienced with cats. and willing to continue with the holistic approach to a cat's care both in diet and health maintenance. 

If you have other questions, use "Contact Us" link on the left.

Adult cats for adoption in 2017-2018

if you adopt two of our adult cats at the same time.

1/  Silver classic tabby British Longhair female. 
Beautiful girl, rare color, sweet temperament.
Young adult, about 2 years old. Adoption fee $600

2/ Silver shaded Scottish Fold with folded ears female
4 year old. Adult, retired from breeding.
Very sweet and loving girl, loves attention and hangs out with people all the time.
Very mellow temperament, calm and not very active.
Adoption fee $800 


3/ Blue cream British Shorthair female. 
Champion of the breed (TICA), retired from breeding.
Adoption fee $800

4/ Lilac cream folded ear Scottish Fold female. 
3 year old, shy cat, requires patient owners.
Adoption fee is $600. Pics upon request.

5/ Blue folded ear Scottish Fold female. 
4 year old, retired from breeding. 
Shy cat, loves company and will get along with a friendly dog.
Adoption fee is $600

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