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Raw Meat Diets for cats and other Frequently Asked Questions
The owner of the Rejinald Cattery, Natalia Foster, is able to answer almost any question about cats. She has extensive experience with cats, also strong scientific background and training in holistic modalities. Natalia is regarded by many as expert when it comes to cats.

Natalia has owned and bred cats since 1988. In 1992 she graduated as a Biology and Chemistry major from the University in Moscow, Russia. Later she received her Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, AL. She is well educated in areas of health and wellness for both humans and animals. Natalia is trained and experienced in several holistic treatment modalities. She is certified in Bach Flower Therapy and Holistic Kinesiology, also has access to unique natural remedies that are not sold in commercial stores. Currently she is the owner of her small holistic pet health store Healthy Products Colorado located in Colorado Springs, CO.

I do not know any holistic veterinarian in the area, can I use my regular vet?
Keep in mind, veterinarians are equals of human doctors. They prescribe drugs and good at fixing bones and for emergencies. We absolutely need them, just in case.

For all other issues your kitty may have or develop, try holistic practitioner first. They are less expensive and the methods they use are chemical-free, pain-free, though very effective, and fast-working.

Go to a regular vet for tests, x-rays, diagnosis and such, and when you have all the findings, take them to your holistic veterinarian to look over and suggest a treatment plan if needed. That's what I do.

I find that success rate using natural remedies is higher than traditional drug-induced therapies in case of many chronic dysfunctions, allergies, anxiety, lack of focus and aggression.

I am not a medical practitioner but a pet nutrition consultant at my current job, and I love coming to work! I own a pet health store and work with many pet owners who "hit the wall" trying to treat their animal in a conditional way. People see that they invest a lot - time and money, but the results are not delivered.

I studied several alternative methods and can assure you - they do work.

In my experience, using Rescue Remedy on a stressed animal works in seconds. Homeopathic remedies are very effective on cats and dogs. Pets respond very well to chiropractic adjustments, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy and such.

Yes, you can use a regular vet but there is a another, safer and less invasive option you need to be aware of.

Many natural and holistic remedies are available in online stores, as well as useful books on the subject. Feel free to check them out!

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What do you mean by feeding cats raw diet?
Domestication had absolutely no effect on a cat's digestive system. Raw meat, organ meat, bones, and other parts of a prey animal are still the best foods for a carnivore animal. The best cat food is still running out there in the field (mice, or other small mammals and birds).

Yes, raw meat - muscle tissue from cattle, poultry, fish - has to be supplemented with minerals, vitamins and other natural products. They must not be processed (cooked or rendered in any way) to complete the diet.

I advise the new owners on what to feed and what supplement with, so when you bring one of our cats into your home you will have my guidance and support on any matter. Also proper foods will be listed in your sales contract, and a list of brands I recommend will be also available. We offer starter packs for our buyers, too.

One of the best products to supplement raw meat diet is All Food Fortifier by Nature's Logic

A good advice how to switch a kibble-living cat to raw find at

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Does the meat have to be organic?
Amount of toxins/chemicals/hormones in conventionally grown cattle and poultry is enormous. Cats are smaller animals, therefore their liver has to work harder to detoxify all the junk that is delivered to the system along with raw meat. When farm animals are raised on healthy proper diet their meat is suitable for feeding raw without causing any issues in a long term.

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Can I feed my cat dry kibble food ONLY?
There are several brands of dry food on the market now that I can trust and approve for feeding to my cats and kittens. All of them are grain free (no rice, corn, wheat, barley, etc.) and high in meat protein (not plant protein like wheat gluten or soy).

Meat content must be 35% or higher. Claims that high protein causes kidney problems are wrong. Cats thrive for thousands of years on raw meat what is at least 60% of protein. It is quality of protein, not quantity what makes the difference. When protein is poor quality, something the body of a carnivore animal cannot digest, it gets flushed out of the system in larger quantities, and that may strain the kidneys, causing problems and inflammation later.

If protein gets digested it goes into the system and gets utilized by a body verses being flushed out.

Dry cat food is available all the time for my cats to nibble on. Cats do not overeat because these brands are not only highly nutritious, they are free from additional flavors and taste enhancers and cats eat just enough to feel full. The consumption is half comparing to the commercial foods full of fillers and waste that was overcooked, flavored and sometimes colored. Therefore, feeding natural high quality grain free foods saves you money on food, and on litter. Since the waste is minimal and almost odorless, you do not need a whole lot of litter to buy.

If you buy a kitten or a cat from us at some point, the best brands of dry foods will be listed in your contract. Companies sometimes screw up their formulas, or get sold to larger commercial company, so I simply can't give the current list here. Things change very quick in the pet food industry.

For new cat owners I offer a starter pack, designed to make the adjustment period easy for your new kitten. Later, consider shopping at a local privately owned pet store where the owners are usually very knowledgeable about the foods they sell.

Since I myself own a pet health store, I sell the best foods I can find on the market. To see the brands that are for sale in my store - and all of these brands I feel comfortable feeding to my cats - visit Healthy Products online store Healthy Products Colorado

Other online stores that sell high quality foods are listed below. Look for no-grain varieties. Some also sell freeze-dried foods that are convenient to use.

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How can I train my cat to use the toilet?
There are several ways to do it. Check the internet blogs where people describe the ways they train their cats.


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Do I need to get health insurance for my cat?
I consider pet insurance a worth thing to have. Though I personally do not do yearly vaccinations for my cats and avoid unnecessary visits to veterinarians, there are cases when I wish I had the insurance to cover those very few emergencies I had over the years. Veterinarian care, especially with emergency or with chronic conditions costs a lot. Reviews on pet insurance companies can be found HERE

One of the companies with higher rating is Embrace, visit their site to get your free quote.

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Are your Scottish Folds single, double, or triple folds?
I breed folds to British Shorthairs only and most of my kittens are single fold. A few were double folds. I never have triple folds, I consider it to be plain dangerous for their health. Folded gene expressed in multiple folds on ears may express itself everywhere else in the body and effect cartilage in the heart, joints, and other connective tissues in the body of a cat. No wonder some over bred cats drop dead like flies after they are only 2-3 years of age. Thank you for the question. I strive to breed healthy cats before anything else.

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I want to be informed what's going on in your cattery! Do you have Facebook page, or blog?
We are very active on Facebook!

LIKE the page and be in the loop on the news, kittens availability, watch cute cat videos and read useful information relevant to our cats, kittens, and feline world in general.

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