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Our cattery started in Moscow, Russia, back in 1988. The cattery is small, home based and closed. Closed means that we try our best not to bring in the house any potential diseases that nowadays attack purebred cats. We rarely go to shows with our cats, avoid unnecessary visits to regular veterinarians, do not offer stud service, and breed only our own cats or cats that live with our friends. The cats are kept indoors. Kittens are raised underfoot, therefore the little ones are well socialized and friendly towards other pets and people.

We breed for quality and personality. We follow strict selection rules. The looks are greatly important. Though we also seek for the best in personality. We identify and do not breed cats that showed their indifference to humans, those that want to be independent, or do not get along with other pets. Kittens quickly learn good manners from adult cats around them and we need only good examples available for the little ones.

For the breeding purposes we keep only the females that proved to be excellent mothers. Only caring and devoted mama cat can raise healthy litter as she has to naturally provide everything that young kittens need from the moment they are born. If a cat is negligent, refuses to nurse, or forgets to return to the nest in time, kittens do not develop properly and quickly, may have hidden health issues, be weak, inactive, and have to stay with the breeder longer to ensure they are ready to go to a new place.

Our kittens are usually fully developed and ready to go by 12 weeks, or even earlier. They are introduced to raw meat at 3 weeks of age and once they learn to eat meat by themselves (not from my hand) they start to grow, gain weight, and mature very quickly. By 10 weeks of age mama's milk is no longer their primary food, it is rather a treat and source of essential substances for immunity that a young kitten's system is not producing yet. Feeding raw meat to young carnivores is the best thing to do. Kitten's GI tract is naturally set up to digest meat. Digestive system doesn't have to adjust to new food, therefore no upset stomach or indigestion occurs. Raw animal protein (meat, fish, eggs) is an excellent start to build muscle, bones, and establish strong immune system.

After 5 weeks of age I slowly introduce other foods into kittens' diet, such as no-grain holistic dry foods (Orijen, Acana, Fromm, Addiction, Now!), cottage cheese, eggs, liver, and other protein-rich raw foods. I do not cook for my cats. Cooking destroys vital enzymes, deactivates vitamins, and makes any proteins to coagulate, making them harder to digest. Like raw egg and hard boiled egg - the structure of the proteins is really different.

I do not vaccinate my cats, or, if I have to (due to state law or cat show requirements) I vaccinate to bare minimum. So far the immune system in our cats proved to work as effective or even better then with vaccinations.

We specialize in breeding rare colors - lilac and chocolate. Occasionally we have kittens of other colors, too - blue, black, blue tabby, brown tabby, lilac tabby, etc. Click "Colors we breed" on the left to see the photos.

The cats we breed are all imported from Europe and Russia. They all are (to the best of our knowledge) blood type A. They come from European Champion blood lines, and their pedigrees have ancestors of the rarest colors, including color-point.

The kittens that were sold with breeding rights go to shows, and often win awards. Lilac female Rejinald Lila C of Purrceptive (lives in Northern CA) at 11 months of age got Champion title after here first show. Upon results of her second show she became a Double Grand Champion and awarded as "BEST BRIT of Mid-Pacific region 2001-2002". Her brother Amaretto is also a Double Grand Champion, was awarded "BEST BRIT of Mid-Pacific Region 2002-2003".
Another lilac female Rejinald Bronte of Moonstruck became a Grand Champion after her first show in adult class.

We started to show our young lilac male Rejinald Lilac Prince in 2006. As a kitten he became 4th Best British Shorthiar kitten 2006-2007, and Best British Shorthair Kitten in Southwest region. As an adult, he became a Champion after his first show, and after second - Grand Champion. At his tender age of 14 months he got awarded the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion, it is a tough competition as the cat competes in all breed competition with weathered titled veterans.

Since then Rejinald Lilac Prince won multiple international and regional awards, and we are very proud of him. Now RW SGC Rejinald Lilac Prince (Teddy) is Best Lilac Shorthair of the Year 2007-2008, 5th Best British Shorthair cat of the Year 2007-2008, 5th Best Shorthair of SW region, 10th Best cat of SW Region in TICA (The International Cat Association).

Since 1999 we started breeding Scottish Folds of rare colors. We even were a success in getting chocolate and lilac folded ear kittens! We breed a Scottish Fold female to British Shorthair male to ensure the health or the offspring. TICA registers kittens from such litters as Scottish Folds if they have folded ears, and as Scottish Straights if they have straight ears. In Europe though, straight eared kittens from such a litter would be registered as a British Shorthair.

Lastly, some people would be interested to learn that the owner is an educated and experienced in many areas related to biology and nutrition. She has a Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry (5 year study, double major from Moscow State Pedagogical University), and Masters in Holistic Nutrition degree from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL in the USA. She is a professional high school teacher with full 6 years of teaching experience both in Russia and USA. Now she owns and manages her small Pet Health Store located in Colorado Springs, CO. The store has been in business since 2007.